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Mediation is a consensual process in which parties engaged in a dispute are empowered to negotiate their own confidential outcome with the help of a mediator, an independent and neutral third party. A mediator leads the parties through stages, sometimes in private and sometimes together, to help achieve a resolution. The process generally consists of the following stages:

  • Opening Statements
  • Defining the issues
  • Developing understanding of issues
  • Developing solution

There can be many benefits to pursuing mediation. For instance, reaching a settlement through mediation can result in significant savings of cost, time and emotion. Further, mediations happen in private, as opposed to an open court, and mediated settlements can often be more creative than what may be available in a court.

In order for you to prepare for mediation, Katherine recommends reviewing your story with your counsel or a trusted advisor, reviewing what you believe to be the issues in dispute, and considering the strengths and weaknesses of both your case and the other side’s case. Consider all of your options for settlement, and then consider the alternatives to settlement, both monetary and otherwise.

When you work with Katherine, you will experience her full attention and genuine interest in your matter, as well as the benefit of her years of legal experience, to assist you resolve your dispute to your ultimate satisfaction. Katherine’s areas of expertise include business and commercial disputes, employment matters, construction disputes and tort actions, in addition to various other legal disputes.


Our price


Eastern Ontario
All day consists of all or part of 6 hours


Eastern Ontario
Half day consists of all or part of 3 hours


Outside Eastern Ontario
Hearing outside of Eastern Ontario. A per diem fee will be negotiated
A premium will be charged for mediations involving more than 3 parties.


If the cancellation is prior to 10 business days before the mediation, there will be no cancellation fee and only a charge for the non-refundable disbursements incurred up to that date. If the mediation is cancelled within 10 business days of the date scheduled, then a cancellation fee of 50% of the fee for the time booked, plus HST will be charged.


Unless instructed otherwise, fees for mediation services will be divided equally amongst the parties.
All accounts for fees, disbursements and HST are due and payable when rendered. Overdue accounts bear interest at the rate of 5% per annum calculated monthly until paid in full.

We have the experience and confidence you are looking for.

About Katherine Humphries

Katherine practiced commercial and civil litigation at a large national law firm for eight years prior to commencing her role as a mediator. In the course of her practice, Katherine worked on a wide-range of files, including, but not limited to, corporate disputes, construction disputes, estate matters, professional negligence, administrative law matters and insurance defence. She has appeared before the Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Provincial Court.

During her career, Katherine has always taken a common-sense and practical approach to resolving disputes. Whether a court process has commenced or not, Katherine will work with the parties involved in the dispute to engage in productive dialogue to help resolve the conflict.


BA Honours, Queen's University, 2004
LLB, University of Calgary, 2008
Admitted to the Bar, 2009
Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, ADR Workshop, 2017


Law Society of Upper Canada
Canadian Bar Association
Ontario Bar Association
Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada
Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario
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